Monday, August 31, 2009

Running with the Chocolate Labs

Well the sun is finally out after a rainy and overcast weekend. Still got 3 good days of running in as I continue to get my base established after a very long break away from running.

Friday and Saturday were shorted rain runs, but they felt good regardless of the weather.
Sunday, Nancy and I took the 2 chocolates over the State Forest. Jack went with me running and Belle stayed with Mom walking. When the boys caught Mom on the trail, Belle deserted Mom and came with us. Except for the occasional times that Jack would cut in front of me, I am absolutely amazed how well the two of them did. Later we caught up with Nancy again and walked the last half mile in.

You got to love the mindset of a dog with its owners:
~ Loving the people they are with,
~ Loving what they are doing and
~ Not worrying about what comes next.

We could all definitely learn a lesson there.

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